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About Tropical Love Rum Cakes


About Tropical Love Rum Cakes

The Bergmans in the Caribbean.

Tropical Love Rum Cakes began as a love story. Lourdes Patricia grew up in Honduras, where everyone serves rum cakes as part of the traditions that surround holidays and other special events—birthdays, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries to name just a few. After moving to the US (over ten years ago), Lourdes missed the taste and smells of home and wanted to recapture a small piece of her childhood.

That dream became a reality shortly after she met Fred Bergman in 2021. Together, the two of them launched Tropical Love Rum Cakes to sell a variety of rum cakes to food-lovers throughout the country. “We want everyone to experience the joy that a really well-made, fresh rum cake can deliver,” Fred says. “It’s just a completely unique sensation. For my fiancée, it brings her right back to her childhood home. For some, it’s a reminder of a memorable tropical vacation. And for others, it’s a family tradition.”

As a fitting tribute to this story, Lourdes and Fred are now engaged and have plans for expanding their rum cake distribution!

A Brief History of Rum Cake

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Rum cake is thought to originate from the Caribbean islands sometime in the 18th century. When the British settled in the region, they brought along their recipes for fruit puddings and other desserts. Local chefs began to make the recipe their own, incorporating local ingredients and liquors and especially rum. It became common to infuse the traditional British fruit puddings with an alcoholic concoction, perhaps to preserve the cakes in the tropical heat and humidity. Sourcing sugar was never a problem in the Caribbean, as the islands were a significant source of sugar cane for the colonists.

Rum cake is a year-round delight. For starters, it has rum in it, and the dried fruits just add the perfect balance of sweetness and richness. Its long shelf life allows it to be brought out for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any special occasion.

If you have yet to experience the brilliant explosion of flavors that are unique to rum cake, our sampler pack of 6 rum cakes is the perfect way to get started on a culinary adventure to the Caribbean!

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